Giveaway! & Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG! Part 3

Well it’s finally done!

You should have seen me pounding the hot soap into the crevices of the embed. NO one likes holey soap! It came out to 22 bars of soap. I’m thinking of offering it up on Etsy or something ^^.  It is currently up for sale (no waiting, there are only 22 bars!) in our own shoppe.

Tell me what you think!

Flash! Our 1st ever giveaway 

is one of these very unique Vintage Tea Rose soaps! You all know how much I love to make my bath products, especially my soaps.  The Soap Gallery wants you to experience how nice they are  so I am extra pumped to be able to sponsor this fun little giveaway for you all.The Soap Gallery  is giving away a bar of this wonderful soap! You’ll get a bar of the Vintage Tea Rose cold

Stack of these great soaps!

Stack of these great soaps!

 processed soap. You will feel so spoilt!

The total value of this giveaway is $10, because there  is FREE SHIPPING for you too! This is such a great way to sample a new business and also spoil yourself at the same time.
To Enter: Visit the Shoppe  then come back here and leave a comment telling us which product you think you would like the best.

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Contest is open to both US and CDN residents and winner will be pulled next Monday, September 21!


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Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG! Part 2

It’s the next day and I have realized a few things. First, here is the picture of the purple curly I promised yesterday:

The 2nd curly embed

The 2nd curly embed

I was able to get the timing better and therefore this one came out a lot thinner. I wish I could do this with the first one ..they both do not fit into the mold :/ I have an idea on how to “make them fit” hah!

another vew of the purple curly

another vew of the purple curly

So now we’re just waiting for the oven to finish melting down the main embedding soap.

The NEXT time =>

  1. I have the timing right now to roll these out. I’ll be able to make them smoother and thinner.
  2. I’ll try this with fresh soap lol!

Oh ! I need to tell you what ingredients are in this soap!
INGREDIENTS LIST: Sodium Olivate (olive oil), Sodium Cocoate (coconut oil) Sodium Palmate (palm oil), Water, Goats milk, Glycerin (a natural by product of soapmaking), Oatmeal, essential oils of lavender, petitgain, clary sage. Rose fragrance, FD&C Red 33, Green 8, Violet 2


Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG!

Yes, embedded swirls in a cold processed soap. That is my intention tonight. Well, really I should clarify and call it HANDMILLED SOAP, for I shall be further processing some leftover soap. You may have seen these in a handcrafted ‘melt and pour’ type of glycerin soap such as this one:

lavender swirly from Coquette Bath dot com

lavender swirly from Coquette Bath dot com

Although be forewarned my soap may not turn out like this one – I’m hoping it will be just as nice:) I’m going to add in a little extra conditioning with Castor Oil. The plan is to have pink and purple curls and scent it with Rose. I think that is going to be one gorgeous soap, don’t you? 🙂

Well that was the PLAN. Feel free to comment on my first handmilled curly embed:

fresh from the handmilled pot - uncut

fresh from the handmilled pot - uncut


If you think that’s interesting, you should have seen my first experiment (I put it back to cook some more) purple curly. The overpour soap is also in the oven. Just wait until it softens up enough to make a decent overpour.If it doesn’t, I shall have to wait until I make a fresh cold process batch and use that to pour over these embeds.

Here it is – cut:

Cut and ready to embed curly

Cut and ready to embed curly

The white bits are just unmelted soap (happens when you stir). I’ll keep posting as the drama unfolds!

Pure Liquid Soap

A few days ago we sold the last of our liquid soap – for now. We’re trying to decide what scents we should make the next batches. I plan to go with 6 different scent combinations but we need some help choosing.

Since it’s going to be fall and holiday season time shortly we were thinking of using these scent/color combinations. I would love some feedback about them. Please remember that these are tentative and the shade may vary according to your monitor.

(to be continued)

Is it that time again?

mintsoapToday I unwrapped and cut the most delicious soap. It smells just like thin mints made for a certain female non-profit organization that used to knock on your door twice a year. So much so, we named it just that~ Mint Chocolate Bliss. Fragranced with Rich Chocolate and Peppermint essential oil, this soap was made with only 100% vegetable oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Castor.

I know I sound like a commercial so let me tell you a little secret: This was my first attempt at swirling in the mold while making a cold processed bar. Normally the soap is cooked to achieve this effect. Being the mad alchemist/soapmaker woman that I am,  this time the decision was made to attempt a slightly different recipe that was supposed to make it easier to marbelize during the first pour. Well a few moments were gained and that was just enough to get a smooth pour.

Now let me once again describe the scent of these massive 5.5 oz (160 g) bars! The scent just cries “Eat Me!”.  We know it smells like heavenly chocolate and mint and it’s going to be hard to resist tasting, but please don’t!! It’s SOAP! 

Using this Mint Chocolate Bliss soap will leave your skin feeling very soft.  AND there are:

  • NO preservatives
  • NO synthetic detergents
  • NO animal fats
  • NO pre-manufactured soap base

This soap is now available! Buy it HERE .