Populating the Shopp

After much tweaking we finally have the shop area behaving! Look forward to a fuller list of items for sale as we enter in products – remember ALL manufactured by us – into the catalogue.

This makes me very excited!

We are also very pleased to say we’re going to be putting our “stamp” on things, as it were. So everytime you see newstamp
this on an item you can be assured that it has been handmade by us.


Herbal Escents?

Today I am writing in order to explain the move from www.herbalescents.com to our new name, The Soap Gallery. When I first started this business there was no intention to move further than the local Farmers Markets. However with the success of our product line I was happily forced to rethink this model and restructure it for growth.

Herbal Escents is too close in name to other products to enable a trademark or copyright. Once the decision was made to re-evaluate our business model a new name was sought. The Soap Gallery sounded just right to us, so here we are! We hope this hasn’t inconvenienced or confused any of our customers. Every product is still handmade by my daughter and myself – only the name has changed!

Yours gratefully,

Louise Storkey
owner/soapmaker The Soap Gallery

Welcome to The Soap Gallery!


 I want to thank everyone for making this site possible. Over the next few weeks you will find this site subtly changing. I used a prefab layout to get it online. I plan to add the ecommerce side asap. There will also be information on

  • ingredients
  • tips and techniques
  • trends
  • upcoming products
  • where to find us.

Stay tuned!