Pogostemon cablin

Common names:

  • Nilam (Indonesian)
  • Patchouli (French)
  • Patschulistrauch (German)
  • Patchuli (Portuguese)
  • Pachulí (Spanish)
  • Cablan (Spanish)
  • Patchouli, Patchouly (English)

Essential oil is found on outer leaf surfaces and in internal tissues, and is one of the few essential oils that contain an alkaloid.
Plants are propagated vegetatively, as true patchouli (P. cablin) does not flower. Exact taxonomic determinations of patchouli species is difficult.

It is generally thought that Patchouli originally came to Indonesia from the Phillipines.
True Patchouli yields up to 6% essential oil (dwt), but False Patchouli and Java Pachouli (>2% e.o. dwt.) are frequently grown on Java instead due to True Patchouli’s insect, disease and nematode problems.
Historically adulterated or “sophisticated” with Gurjun oil (Dipterocarpus spp.), although this practice is not common today.
Distillation practices vary from Java to Sumatra and Nias: direct steam distillation used in large scale facilities; water and steam distillation used by small holders.


A sad day, indeed….but a new beginning too?

Today was our last market day here in Poulsbo, WA. This was a sudden change in our business plans but family issues have come up which are leading us into possibly moving back to Winnipeg, MB. Where is Winnipeg? Think of the movie Fargo. We will be about 2 hours north of that ^^.

The weather today was in the 90’sF and the market was sparse because of this. However we still managed to reach our goal. We broke even last week after only 2 months in business, selling once a week at the market and we celebrated our meager profit today with Chinese food. It was nummy!

We’ll be spending the next several weeks transitioning and updating the site and bookmarks so everyone who knew Herbal Escents will now see the website point to The Soap Gallery. I’m actually pleased with our new name due to all the new horizons which open up to us.

Well that’s it for today. Oh! Except welcome to our new contributor, Deanya. She’ll be taking over most of the blog portion of this site. She will be bringing to Soap Gallery her unique perspective on what it’s like to be an apprentice in soapmaking. I’ll let her introduce herself.

Bye for now,

Miss Louise

Welcome to The Soap Gallery!


 I want to thank everyone for making this site possible. Over the next few weeks you will find this site subtly changing. I used a prefab layout to get it online. I plan to add the ecommerce side asap. There will also be information on

  • ingredients
  • tips and techniques
  • trends
  • upcoming products
  • where to find us.

Stay tuned!

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