Giveaway! & Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG! Part 3

Well it’s finally done!

You should have seen me pounding the hot soap into the crevices of the embed. NO one likes holey soap! It came out to 22 bars of soap. I’m thinking of offering it up on Etsy or something ^^.  It is currently up for sale (no waiting, there are only 22 bars!) in our own shoppe.

Tell me what you think!

Flash! Our 1st ever giveaway 

is one of these very unique Vintage Tea Rose soaps! You all know how much I love to make my bath products, especially my soaps.  The Soap Gallery wants you to experience how nice they are  so I am extra pumped to be able to sponsor this fun little giveaway for you all.The Soap Gallery  is giving away a bar of this wonderful soap! You’ll get a bar of the Vintage Tea Rose cold

Stack of these great soaps!

Stack of these great soaps!

 processed soap. You will feel so spoilt!

The total value of this giveaway is $10, because there  is FREE SHIPPING for you too! This is such a great way to sample a new business and also spoil yourself at the same time.
To Enter: Visit the Shoppe  then come back here and leave a comment telling us which product you think you would like the best.

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Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG! Part 2

It’s the next day and I have realized a few things. First, here is the picture of the purple curly I promised yesterday:

The 2nd curly embed

The 2nd curly embed

I was able to get the timing better and therefore this one came out a lot thinner. I wish I could do this with the first one ..they both do not fit into the mold :/ I have an idea on how to “make them fit” hah!

another vew of the purple curly

another vew of the purple curly

So now we’re just waiting for the oven to finish melting down the main embedding soap.

The NEXT time =>

  1. I have the timing right now to roll these out. I’ll be able to make them smoother and thinner.
  2. I’ll try this with fresh soap lol!

Oh ! I need to tell you what ingredients are in this soap!
INGREDIENTS LIST: Sodium Olivate (olive oil), Sodium Cocoate (coconut oil) Sodium Palmate (palm oil), Water, Goats milk, Glycerin (a natural by product of soapmaking), Oatmeal, essential oils of lavender, petitgain, clary sage. Rose fragrance, FD&C Red 33, Green 8, Violet 2


Handmilled embedded curly soap OMG!

Yes, embedded swirls in a cold processed soap. That is my intention tonight. Well, really I should clarify and call it HANDMILLED SOAP, for I shall be further processing some leftover soap. You may have seen these in a handcrafted ‘melt and pour’ type of glycerin soap such as this one:

lavender swirly from Coquette Bath dot com

lavender swirly from Coquette Bath dot com

Although be forewarned my soap may not turn out like this one – I’m hoping it will be just as nice:) I’m going to add in a little extra conditioning with Castor Oil. The plan is to have pink and purple curls and scent it with Rose. I think that is going to be one gorgeous soap, don’t you? 🙂

Well that was the PLAN. Feel free to comment on my first handmilled curly embed:

fresh from the handmilled pot - uncut

fresh from the handmilled pot - uncut


If you think that’s interesting, you should have seen my first experiment (I put it back to cook some more) purple curly. The overpour soap is also in the oven. Just wait until it softens up enough to make a decent overpour.If it doesn’t, I shall have to wait until I make a fresh cold process batch and use that to pour over these embeds.

Here it is – cut:

Cut and ready to embed curly

Cut and ready to embed curly

The white bits are just unmelted soap (happens when you stir). I’ll keep posting as the drama unfolds!

LOL, Trying To Figure This Place Out~


I guess it’s about time I did this thing, eh? Mom’s been bothering me about it for about a week. BUT, I’m feeling good today, so that’s why I’m here : D

;3 Got my iPod, and I’m ready to blog.


THE SOAP GALLERY–evolved from the ever-popular HERBAL ESCENTS.

But in a way, better, because now we can do more things than before, like Melt-and-Pour soaps.

lols, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be blogging about.


Mom: “Deanna! D: I need a blog!”

Me: “Oookayy… What am I supposed to write about..?”

Mom: “Soap!… Well, anything you want!”

Me: “:DD Boys?”

Mom: “… No.”


:3 That’s BASICALLY why I’m doing this. Mom doesn’t wanna be the only one posting here.


So, I guess I should write about soap.

Mom FINALLY made soap a few days ago. The oils were sitting there, nicely scooped for like, a week until she finally did it! Jiggies, I was mad. She was practically gnawing my wrist off because I didn’t do it when she wanted me to, and then I did, and BAM. Now she’s not ready to do it >___> …

BUT, that is an issue of the past, because the soap is made. Well, half of it, but I’ll get back to that.

This batch’s “flavour” is… CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT! Now the house smells like Girl Guide Cookies :3

It’s our first batch of the new size. These bars should end up somewhere around 6oz bars after curing. The old ones were like, not. Like,  almost half the size. Eepers!

The soap is BROWN, with PINK and GREEN swirlies.

Or our attempt, at least. Still working on swirls XD;;

Mom has yet to make the liquid soap, which is what I meant by she only made half the soap she was supposed to. D: She should hurry.


Anyhoodles. CHOCOPEPPERMINT SOAP isn’t the only thing new comin’ up,  we have FOOT SCRUBBY THINGS : DD.. I don’t really know much about it, though, cuz I didn’t really ask. I’ve been in a bad mood all week, and it made me feel bad because mom was trying to talk to me about the business and I was all like “mehhh” and I’m afraid I hurt her feelings D:

All I know is that it’s for feet, it smells like the CHOCOPEPPERMINT SOAP, and there’s a lot of salt in it. :\ I don’t know how much more there is to it.

OH, and we’re going to be OPENING A SHOP. :3 And what’s even BETTER? CUSTOM MINERAL MAKEUP and NAIL POLISH. Because in CANADA, soap is a COSMETIC, which means we get to dip into the cosmos, and I don’t mean astronomically~ What do I mean my CUSTOM MINERAL MAKEUP? D: Jiggies, dude! You ask a lot of questions. Basically, you hobble into our fantasmic little shoppe, and approach us all like “I needs a foundation that matches me skin D:” and we’ll be like “No problem, weary hobbler! We can make you some!” And we’ll make that foundation, or whatever you asked for, JUST FOR YOU, matching ONLY YOUR SKIN : D

CUSTOM MINERAL MAKEUP–Because no one’s exactly the same.



For all who are wondering, my job is to scoop oils, wrap, and make SOLID BUBBLE BATH. I also clean up any LOTION SCRUBS that have sprung leaks. Oh, and I sell stuff, too. I went with mom to the POULSBO FARMER’S MARKET, until last week, our last day there. I’m probably going to be taking over making LOTION SCRUBS, cuz mom doesn’t like doing it, it’s not dangerous, and I have nothing better to do. : D I also get to make videos for the website X3. Should be fun. Well, if she lets me have a friend help out D: I’m too shy to do it by myself.


Last day at POULSBO FARMER’S MARKET? D:! Whyyyy?

You wanna know why?


But, I feel not remorse.

>___> They called me Rachel.

But that’s beside the point. We are moving back to WINNIPEG. That’s right, CANADA. ^^

Which is good, for me. I have a million and two ideas of what I should do when we get there. lol, apparently my friend is going to throw me a party XD Sounds like fun, I think. I miss her, I’ll be glad to be back.

You know, I’m running out of soap-related topics. ._____. ..

I guess I could talk about the move.. :\

WELL, we’re in the process of cleaning up the house, which is a very big thing for us. I’m doing my best to keep the kitchen clean. I told myself I was turning over a new leaf, and I’ve been holding myself to it :3 I feel so proud of myself. My brother is starting to get the hang of it, too. My sister.. Needs to rinse her dishes… But I haven’t really talked to her about it, so I don’t blame her….. I need to do dishes later..

:3 And to make the whole dishes thing even more rewarding, I get paid a nice $5 whenever I start the dishwasher ;D

At least that’s what I think ._____. I was gonna start the washer every night from now on. I’ll talk to mom about it. But nonetheless, I still get money to spend on things I need to get here before I move back to Canada. Like Hollister clothes D: I only have enough for the perfume right now, and I know mom was gonna buy me clothes before we moved anyway, but I dunno how much she’s gonna buy me D: I’d rather earn as much as I can instead of taking chances. lols, I also need to pick up some makeup for my friend and I, because it’ll be a while before we can do CUSTOM MINERAL MAKEUP.

Eh heh heh…

Oh Brendan, you make everything better <33


Jiggies, keep your pants on. I’m listening to my iPod. Brendan Urie, you know, Panic at the Disco? Yeah, him.

I’m only mentioning him because mom  told me I wasn’t allowed to talk about boys on here. XD She should just be happy I’m not talking about Dave.

D: I need to go to a Panic at the Disco concert. I heard they put on some pretty gangsta pimp performances.

Speaking of gangsta pimps, does anyone know when Final Fantasy Versus XIII is coming out? D: I WANNA PLAY AS NOCTIS. >__> But, even if it was out, it’s not like I have a PS3, or any money…


If you would like to contribute to the “Deanna needs to play as Noctis” fund, the “Deanna needs a new iPod” fund, or even the “Deanna needs a new tablet pen” fund, feel free to purchase some of THE SOAP GALLERY’s quality products, or even just wire me some money ;D Remember, my name is DEANNA, not RACHEL. <33

Your support is greatly appreciated.


<33 ^^ :favourite song just came on:

I love music XD

:OO We should make music note-decorated melt-and-pour. Pretty gangsta.


Wells, I should go.

This is getting pointless XD